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Due to COVID-19, SPG’s Summer Adventure and Theme Camps will be running with smaller groups. At this time, we are unable to accommodate non-school-year members except those of ESWs. Scheduled summer events are also subject to change based on directives from the PHO and VCH. For example: currently no indoor public locations, pools. Summer hats will NOT be distributed this year. Please ensure children have head protection from the sun and are practiced in the art of self-sunscreen application.

To see our COVID practices, visit the various links on our News & Updates page.

SPG’s Summer Adventure Camp welcomes children to participate in age-appropriate, fun and challenging activities that take us all over the Lower Mainland. It truly is a summer of adventure. Take a look at our calendar below and don’t hesitate to get in touch with questions or to register.

This year, our program features THREE WEEKS of YOUNG MOVIEMAKERS camps. These camps accept only 12 children per week so don’t delay. Camp starts at 9am and runs until 3pm. Additional care from 8am until 6pm included.

Please note: Once payment and paperwork are complete, there will be a $30 admin fee for cancellations.


More detailed information:

Adventure Camps 2020

Kinder to Grade 3: Everyday of the week something different. Lots of field trips throughout the lower mainland and a few fun days not too far afield. Travel primarily by yellow school bus.

Grades 4 – 7: A few more challenges for this older group. Lots of field trips throughout the lower mainland and not too much time to rest. It’s GO GO GO and have an amazing summer! Travel by yellow school bus.

Theme Camps 2020

Bike Days I & II: Adding extra kilometres everyday. This group will learn city biking skills and hit the local hot spots.(G3-7).                                                                          

Science Camp: Based at SPG. This group will explore and experiment in various branches of science. (all ages).                                                                     

Trail Camp: Spending some time in the woods is good for the spirit. These kids will learn safe hiking practices and get a load of fresh air. (G2-7).                                                 

Arts Camp: Incorporating visual arts, dance, theatre and music. Be prepared to try it all as you “create” your way through the week. (all ages).                                           

Karma Kamp: Planting trees, making toys for SPCA puppies and advocating for the environment … do it all and experience some self-care as well. It’s Zen time! (all ages).

Young Moviemakers: Let’s create our own blockbuster show. Join directors and crew in scripting, storyboarding, running the camera, editing, and making some magic happen. This is an opportunity to walk your own red carpet. Maximum 15 participants. (G1-7).   

Stave Lake Camp: Cancelled due to COVID 😦 Check back in 2021!


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