Professional Days

No school!

Now there’s even more cause for celebration because the SPG team always has something amazing planned. Take a look at this year’s plans for upcoming professional days. We have something for every age group (Primary listed first, then Intermediate). If you see a blank, it just means we’re still thinking.

  • September 4: Welcome back Quilchena Park Picnic for Everyone!
  • September 21:
    • Yukon Dan – Rocks and Minerals for Primaries
    • i-Exit Escape Room for Intermediates
  • October 19: Pumpkin Patch for Everyone
  • November 9: 
    • Living with Coyotes with the Stanley Park Ecology Centre
    • Jeopardy Challenge Day
  • January 25: Mount Seymour Snow Play & Toboggan Day for Everyone
  • February 15:
    • Vancouver Aquarium for Primaries
    • Brazilian Steakhouse for Intermediates
  • April 29: 
    • Science World for Primaries
    • Aquabus Adventures for Intermediates
  • May 17: 
    • Stanley Park Bat Project
    • Stanley Park Explore
  • June 28: Cultus Lake Waterpark Day

Monthly fees INCLUDE Professional Development Days, District Closure Days, and Winter and Spring Break Days for which your child is registered for afternoon care.

For morning only members or part-time members registered on other days, the fee for these days is $25 per child. For non-members, the fee for these days is $50 per child.



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