Professional Days

No school!

Now there’s even more cause for celebration because the SPG team always has something amazing planned. Take a look at this year’s plans for upcoming professional days. We have something for every age group (Primary listed first, then Intermediate). If you see a blank, it just means we’re still thinking.

  • September 25:
    • Quilchena Park Day (proper shoes, lunch and water bottle, outer wear)
  • October 23:
    • Pumpkin Carving Day for Primaries
    • Sasamat Lake hike for Intermediates (proper shoes, lunch and water bottle, outer wear)
  • November 27:
    • Origami Day with Aiko for Primaries
    • Game Show Day for Intermediates
  • January 20: 
    • Aquarium Dioramas for Primaries
    • Outdoor Winter Walk to Fraser River Park for Intermediates
  • February 12:
    • Amazing Centre Day
    • Outdoor Adventure and Games at Quilchena Park for Intermediates
  • April 26: 
    • Animal Architects Science Presentation for Primaries
    • Sasamat Lake Hike attempt number THREE! Hope for good weather!
  • June 30: 
    • Water Fun Day at SPG for Primaries and Intermediates! Welcome to bring water toys and …extra clothes 🙂

Monthly fees INCLUDE Professional Development Days for which your child is registered for afternoon care, as long as you register with the email survey.  For morning only members or part-time members registered on other days, the fee for professional days is $25 per child. 

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