Professional Days

No school!

Now there’s even more cause for celebration because the SPG team always has something amazing planned. Take a look at this year’s plans for upcoming professional days. We have something for every age group (Primary listed first, then Intermediate). If you see a blank, it just means we’re still thinking.

  • September 24:
    • Pirate and Treasure Hunt Day at SPG
    • Visit to the Vancouver Maritime Museum for Intermediates. Public Transit.
  • October 22:
    • Pumpkin Patch Trip to Aldor Acres for EVERYONE!
  • November 26:
    • Time Capsule Day for Primaries at SPG – send good stuff to hide away for a decade!
    • Felting and Other Fun at SPG for Intermediates
  • January 19: 
    • Winter Diorama Day at SPG for Primaries
    • North Vancouver Shipyards Skating Day (public transit)
  • February 18:
    • Mount Seymour Toboggan Day (all ages) or, 
    • Fun Day at SPG (all ages)
  • April 25: 
    • “Science for Everyone” Day Presentation at SPG for Primaries
    • Aquabus Adventure (aka :”Check It Out Day”) for Intermediates
  • June 30: 
    • Cultus Lake Water Park Day (everyone)
    • Departure 8:30am Return to SPG 5pm

Monthly fees INCLUDE Professional Development Days for which your child is registered for afternoon care, as long as you register with the email survey.  For morning only members or part-time members registered on other days, the fee for professional days is $25 per child, space permitting.

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