No school? SPG always has something amazing planned!

Take a look at this year’s plans for upcoming professional days. We have something for every age group (Primary listed first, then Intermediate). If you see a blank, it just means we’re still thinking.

  • September 22:
    • South Arm Park for ALL!
    • Depart 10am. Return 3pm.
  • October 20:
    • Pumpkin Patch Trip to Aldor Acres for EVERYONE!
    • Depart 10am. Return 3pm.
  • November 24:
    • Lucky Lanes Bowling for everyone.
    • Depart noon and back by 3:30pm.
  • January 17 (Wednesday): 
    • Primaries – Origami Day at SPG
    • Intermediates – Watermania Day
    • Depart 10am. Return 3pm.
  • February 16:
    • Mt. Seymour Snow Day for EVERYONE!
    • Departure 8:30am Return 3pm.
    • Send sleds, helmets, big lunches and SNOW GEAR!
  • April 22 (Monday): 
  • June 28: 
    • Cultus Lake Water Park Day for Everyone!
    • Departure 8am Return to SPG 5pm

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The professional day fee of $25 will be added to your next fee auto-debit.

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