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January 2020…

Jewelry Sale Report …

… thanks to all the Intermediates who made the gorgeous jewelry $280 was raised for Aunt Leah’s!

Science World Visits SPG … January 20

… sign up for this pro-d in advance.

Please respond to the email survey to register for January 20 by January 13th. Additional $25 fee applies for those registered morning only and other afternoons. No fee for those registered for days on which full days fall – but you must SIGN UP TO CLAIM THAT SPOT.

Thanks to all who attended this year’s AGM. We had representatives from 39 families … that’s a 53% turnout!

… For those who missed it ….. please take a look at our AGM Reports Package and List of Proposed Directors. Minutes from the meeting are also below.

AGM Report 2018 – 2019

Minutes AGM 2018-2019

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