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When do I get my tax receipt?
Tax receipts are issued via email once a year in January or February of the following tax year. Please ensure that your email contact information is up-to-date.

In whose name is the tax receipt issued?
All tax receipts will be issued to the Direct Member associated with the child.

What are my payment options?
SPG requires pre-authorized payments for regular monthly fees. Additional fees for special programs, field trips, professional days and school breaks may be paid by etransfer or cheque.

How and when can I put my child on the waitlist?
We accept waitlist registrations up to one year prior to the child’s anticipated start date. You will only be contacted to confirm your addition to the waitlist and then again when a space is available. To put your child’s name on the waitlist, please confirm registration in Quilchena Elementary school and email spgoutofschoolcare@gmail.com

How old do I have to be to volunteer?
Volunteers must be a minimum age of 15 years and must complete a Criminal Record Check. Youth volunteers must be at least 3 years older than the group of children they will be assigned to work with.

What is a member and what is a non-member?

Members are families who pay a program deposit and register their children for care during the course of the school-year. In order to be eligible for early summer registration and member rates, membership must be confirmed before January 31st of the calendar year.

Non-members are families who register their children only for break programs or individual drop-in days.

How and when can I cancel my registration?
One full month’s written notice is required for all changes to registration (cancellations and requests to decrease care). For example, if you would like to decrease or terminate child care effective May 1st, notice of this change or termination must be received on or before March 31st. If the required notice is not given, the monthly fee must be paid in lieu of notice. An email to spgoutofschoolcare@gmail.com is considered written notice.

Can I split a registration space amongst my children?
OK. Imagine five children sharing every full time spot. So, no. But we have so many part-time options I’m sure something could work for you.

What should I send with my child for the summer program?
No flip flops please 🙂 For more details please see our Points for Parents

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