Adventure Camp: Points for Parents

We at SPG are set to have a fantastic summer with your children.

Below are a few notes that will make summer run smooth as silk.

TEMPORARY LOCATION CHANGE: SPG will be operating out of Kerrisdale Elementary for part of the summer. The address is 5555 Carnarvon Street.


1. Apply lots of sunscreen before you arrive at SPG each day. SPG staff members will coach children in reapplication throughout the day. Please take some time at home to teach your children how to apply their own sunscreen safely.

2. Ensure your child has plenty to drink each day. Please send them with a personal water bottle even if they have juice.

3. Pack a morning snack with your child’s lunch (SPG provides a snack each afternoon.)

4. Please send a SUN HAT everyday labelled with your child’s name.

4. For Adventure Camp field trips, departure time is 9:45am – UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED ON WHITEBOARD OR CALENDAR. Our field trip return time is 3:30pm – UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED ON WHITEBOARD OR CALENDAR.

Early Departure Dates for Summer 2022

  • Golden Ears Park Tuesday Wednesday July 13 8:45am
  • Sea to Sky Gondola  Friday July 22 8:45am

5. Theme Camps at SPG start at 10am each day and wrap up at 3pm each day. Care between 8am and 6pm is INCLUDED in your weekly fee.

6. Please check calendar for days when Field Trip Fees apply. These fees need to be paid at the time of drop-off or in advance.

7. Please do not send technological devices to SPG (iPads etc). Check calendar for days when money may be allowed. Please do not send money on days when it is not noted on the calendar. Any cell phones must be stowed throughout the day. If contacting parents is necessary, participants are welcome to use the SPG phone.

8. Pack your child’s swim gear everyday (in a separate bag), rain or shine. You never know when we’ll get wet.

9. Dress appropriately for the planned activities. We often travel on foot. On days when we are hiking…wear good walking shoes (NO flip-flops, please). Ensure your child can carry their own pack comfortably. Once again, no flip-flops. These are our worst enemy 🙂

10. Hours of Operation are from 8am to 6pm. Please do not drop off before opening and there is a $1 per minute charge for late pick up. Please feel welcome to come on in and observe the fun at pick up time. There will be parent sign-out sheets by the door.

11. Finally, please understand that we will do our best to stick to planned events. There may be spontaneous changes as we adjust for inclement weather or other variables beyond our control. Please know that as changes are made, it will always be with the welfare of the children in our care at the forefront.

TEXT SPG (604) 261-0515, if your child will not be attending on a scheduled day.

Thanks everyone!

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