Adventure Camp: Points for Parents

We at SPG are set to have a fantastic summer with your children.

Below are a few notes that will make summer run smooth as silk.

1. Apply lots of sunscreen before you arrive at SPG each day. SPG staff members will reapply throughout the day.

2. Ensure your child has plenty to drink each day. Please send water bottle even if they have juice.

3. Pack a morning snack with your child’s lunch (SPG provides a snack each afternoon.)

4. SPG provides a sun hat for every child registered in our Adventure Camps. As well as protecting your child from the heat, these hats help us keep track of our members when we are on field trips in busy places. Please leave your child’s hat at SPG each day so we may DEEPFREEZE it overnight.

4. For Adventure Camp field trips, departure time is 10am – UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED ON WHITEBOARD OR CALENDAR. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure time. Our field trip return time is 3:30pm – UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED ON WHITEBOARD OR CALENDAR.

Early Departure Dates for Summer 2019

  • Bowen Island July 11 8:15am
  • Golden Ears Park ands Wildplay  Aug 6 8:45am
  • Big Splash Waterpark Thursday Aug 22 9am
  • Grouse Mountain Thursday Aug 29 9:30am

5. Skills Camps at SPG start at 10am each day (MOVIEMAKERS at 9am) and wrap up at 3pm each day. Care between 8am and 6pm is INCLUDED in your Skill Camp fee.

6. Please check calendar for days when Field Trip Fees apply. These fees need to be paid at the time of drop-off or in advance.

7. Please do not send cell phones or hand-held video games to SPG. Check calendar for days when money may be allowed (lunches out / mall trip / baseball game). Please do not send money on days when it is not noted on the calendar.

8. Pack your swim gear everyday (in a separate bag). In case of rainy weather, we may opt for indoor swimming facilities.

9. Dress appropriately for the planned activities. For example, on days when we are hiking…wear good walking shoes (NO flip-flops, please). Ensure your child can carry their own pack comfortably. Once again, no flip-flops. These are our worst enemy 🙂

10. Hours of Operation are from 8am to 6pm. Please do not drop off before opening and there is a $1 per minute charge for late pick up.

TEXT SPG (604) 261-0515, if your child will not be attending on a scheduled day.

Thanks everyone!

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